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FOX News
Jul 3, 2010 11:00am EDT
economy, nothing is big as the u.s., but something more like the u.s.? no reason it couldn't scale. e-mac is right. you have to force people to save and save them in a safe investment. they will choose to do that because pay-out are higher than the 12 grand a year on average. the other issue, earlier in week, the president gave a very dull, uninspired talk on immigration reform. on one matter he is right. if we are going to solve the social security problem in the united states we need more people, which means we have to fast track a path to legal immigration in this country. >> david: victoria, go ahead. >> that's true. my concern is if we don't question the fundamental idea of social security in this country, the tax is going to go up. that is going to dampen the economy in the long run. >> david: the problem with the social security, it's turned into a welfare problem. that is the problem. >> no reserves are set aside for it. so current generation, money and wealth in the nation to pay the benefit but for younger people if the monies go into even fixed income securities, not only w
FOX News
Jul 31, 2010 11:00am EDT
bernanke already said purchases of treasuries use confidence in the u.s.' ability to control rates, you will see those bond rates turn on a dime. >> let's get off of bond rates for a second. the fact is the confidence, the american public does want some confidence that their government is going to start acting sensibly, not spending like drunken sailors. wouldn't that give us some confidence to know that they are trying to fix social security? because it is broken. everybody knows that. >> i'm going to get myself an admiral's hat and a bottle of whiskey and start thinking about spending. i love the way we keep talking about drunken sailors. you know, it is economic stimulus. maybe we can even deploy some social security number towards lending to small business, which is something the banks don't seem to be able to do. >> that's such an -- that is so wrong. >> start with reform by the most privileged and lucky people in this country. >> not meant for any other purpose. >> that's the point. hold on a second. there was a contract made with american citizens when social security was created
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2